Global Security Response

VIP provides expert corporate security consulting and response services for your senior executives and employees worldwide. Our international security consultants provide proactive and response services to help your organization avoid and mitigate a wide array of crisis situations.

Our Security Services

Risk / threat assessments- we work with you, your key employees and other staff to identify those areas, activities and dependencies that may threaten your personal, assets or reputation and to prepare accordingly.

Crisis management intervention and training– we can help you resolve challenging situations using resources skilled in forensic psychological services to prevent and address workplace violence, and in-house and overseas resources to assist with strategic downsizing, plant closure, relocation and strike intervention, employee kidnapping, corporate crime or employee evacuation services.

Domestic and on the ground security services- our US-based management and worldwide partners stand ready to provide immediate assistance wherever and whenever required. You can call on these assets to respond to unexpected events, civil disturbances.

Contact us by email or Tel. (954) 687-9444 for a free phone consultation on your security needs.

More about Emergency Response Consulting

The planning for each corporate or organizational security response is unique, as are every one of your senior executives, and other employees. VIP can assist with the strategies and resources needed to recover from a disruptive incident.

A beneficial step is to reach out to us for a no-obligation proactive security response consultation. Our goal is to create a relevant and practical security posture for your organization and key employees.

Vip's Security Consulting Services

Overseas risk assessment and emergency plan preparation, vulnerability assessments, communications and monitoring programs for travelers or expatriates, and emergency response and contingency planning that reflects the nature of your operations, organizational culture and specific requirements.

Our international security response is facilitated by a 24/7 US-based, multi-lingual control center enabling the rapid communications necessary to ensure an effective response to major security and medical emergencies.

VIP's Proactive, Response & Evacuation Services

Worldwide Security Response and Evacuation Services –the immediate identification and deployment of known and trusted overseas resources needed for an effective emergency response to potentially dangerous security or medical situations.

Relevant, proactive planning and training– in the skills and personnel necessary to identify and manage an escalating crisis.

Access to our global network of overseas security professionals- the provision of experienced US-based expert advice and support, in-country emergency contacts, coordinated executive and personal protection, ground and aviation services, political and medical evacuation for your employees, etc.

All overseas services including security response and evacuation services receive our continuous and hands-on oversight and supervision.