In an ever changing world, you can be assured that VIP Protective Services will evaluate, plan and execute every facets of your protective detail needs from the time of your arrival to the moment you depart or the threat has been neutralized.

Quality protection begins with qualified experts. For more than 30 years, VIP Protective Services Inc. has provided executive protection and security services to executives, public figures, entertainers, and business professionals from around the world. Maintaining a high level of trained and skilled agents is an essential part of VIP’s process, especially when protecting our signature clients (Business leaders, professional athletes, Royal families and diplomats). Based in South Florida, with Global partners throughout the world, VIP has full access to the necessary resources and experience required to secure our clients from beginning to end.

VIP also specializes in Executive Protection, which is designed to meet the security requirements and expectations of our clients. Minimizing risk is essential, and VIP’s client’s safety remains VIP’s number one priority.

Executive Protection

  • In-flight travel protection

  • Traveling security protective team support

  • Security advance

  • Executive drivers

  • Asset protection

  • Technical surveillance countermeasure (TSCM)

  • Communication logistics

  • Ground transportation logistics

VIP Security Services include armed and unarmed licensed executive protection specialists. VIP maintains the highest performance standards within the industry.

VIP's executive protection specialists are experienced, well trained and discreet. Security procedures are designed to identify, evaluate and neutralize risks before they become threats. VIP uses sound judgment and professionalism to ensure our client’s safety. VIP operatives comprehend, analyze, recommend, and effectively implement measures to successfully complete their missions.

When it comes to logistical ground transportation, VIP is the premiere source for service. VIP provides small, midsize and large private jets, armored vehicles, limousines, low profile SUVs and other vehicles designed for the personal protection of our clients. Local chauffeurs and bodyguards are also available depending on the needs of our clients.

VIP guarantees that personal protection measures are carried out in a covert, inconspicuous and preventive manner.